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Behind the Music

A Lifetime of Music

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. JD Rice harnesses that power with music and melodies that appeal to audiences of music lovers and fellow professionals alike. Since a young age, they have found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with their dedicated fans. Find out more about them below.

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Every Song Has A Story

"I Will Walk With You - EP" is written as a single coherent story about 2 people falling in and out of love when listened to in order. Track 1 tells about how the 2 people met, fell in love, and eventually drifted apart. Track 2 is about the grief that the subject of the EP experienced following the breakup. Track 3 describes what happened between the two people as they faded away from each other. Track 4 is the narrators attempt at winning the person back through a big romantic say. And Finally, track 5 is about after the 2 had finally gotten back together and the tragic end to their story.

I Will Walk With You

Track One

"I Will Walk With You" is the title track to JD's first EP. This song, while fictional, tells the dramatic story that many people go through every day. "I Will Walk With You" is about 2 people who fall in love almost instantly! Telling the story of how they experience all of life's firsts together, the title shows that this song truly depicts the story of one's life with another person going through "every peak, every valley" with the one you love.


Track Two

"Lost" is a fan favorite in JD's discography. This entirely true story written from the darkest inner workings of JD's head walks the listener through the true detriments of heartbreak, a feeling of loneliness, and the idea of losing oneself inside their own head. "Lost" was written at a time in JD's life when he thought he couldn't live anymore but the beauty of this song aided in saving his life.


Track Three

"Fade" was the first song that JD ever released for public consumption in January of 2020. "Fade" guides the listener through the pains of losing people who were once close to you I.E. friends, loved ones, etc.

Try To Love Me Again

Track Four

"Try To Love Me Again" is a true story about what JD did on July 1st, 2019. Giving every detail of the joyous day, the song leans into the idea that JD had on this day, win back the girl of his dreams. While in contrasting style to the rest of JD's music, this song was "one of the most fun to record because of the upbeat tempo and fun stylistic learning experiences."

She's Not Coming Home

Track Five

"She's Not Coming Home" is the final song in JD's first EP and rounds out the story that the EP tells when listening to the songs in order. "She's Not Coming Home" tells the story of 2 people who have a fight, after the other person drives off in a rage, the narrator is met by police that the person in which he fought with has unfortunately passed away. This song was written as a challenge by one of JD's, the goal was to make them cry with one single song and he succeeded.

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